Four Signs You Need to See an Emergency Dentist

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Dental emergencies happen unexpectedly, which is why having a qualified emergency dentist to call for emergency dental care is important. At Wollaston Dental Group, we can treat knocked-out teeth, gum injuries, tooth pain, and more. While you may not feel pain during your emergency, it’s still important to have a dental exam after an oral injury or accident to look for any hidden damage. Our professional dental team makes dental emergencies a priority and we always save time in our schedule to treat these dental needs quickly for our patients throughout Quincy, MA.

Signs you need to see an emergency dentist

At Wollaston Dental Group, we recommend emergency dental care when you have experienced any of the following:

  1. Broken or cracked tooth

  2. Knocked-out tooth

  3. Damaged or loose restorations

  4. Tooth or jaw pain

Some dental emergencies do require immediate care to preserve your tooth and oral health. Whenever you are experiencing symptoms that impact your daily life, it’s important to schedule an appointment for emergency dental care services in Wollaston, MA.

What to expect during emergency dental care

Since each dental emergency is different, we will thoroughly assess your mouth to provide customized care for your oral health needs. Sometimes you will need x-rays to evaluate internal areas and to check for unseen concerns. Once we understand the full extent of your problem, we can discuss your options for treatment, including root canal therapy. When possible, we will treat your emergency the same day. However, you may need more than one appointment to fully restore your oral health.

Based on your condition, our professional dental team will provide instructions to help you recover after your emergency visit at Wollaston Dental Group. We may give you a prescription for pain medication or antibiotics. An appointment for additional treatment or a follow-up examination may be scheduled. Once your dental emergency is treated, we will suggest ways to prevent future injuries, including with a custom mouth guard that should be worn while playing sports.

Will insurance cover emergency dental services?

It depends, but some emergency dental visits may be covered under your dental insurance plan. Once we have created your treatment plan to restore your oral health, our front desk team will contact your insurance provider to determine your coverage and benefits. For those who are not using dental insurance, Wollaston Dental Group takes multiple payment methods and we can assist you in applying for medical financing, too. Never delay treating a dental emergency due to concerns over cost as waiting can lead to larger and more extensive problems in the future.

Learn more about emergency dental care near me

When you’re experiencing tooth pain, bleeding in the mouth, or an injury to your mouth, call Wollaston Dental Group for urgent dental care. Our professional dental team will work diligently to manage your pain and to address any injuries to your gums, teeth, jawbone, or restorations as quickly as possible. Timely treatment is important for preserving your oral well-being and preventing future problems from occurring. Call our Quincy, MA, office to schedule an appointment for dental emergency care.

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