Conditions a Dentist Might Look for at an Annual Dental Exam

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Annual dental assessments are an essential component of having proper dental health and detecting certain problems before they can worsen. At Wollaston Dental Group, our Quincy, MA staff of oral care experts offers routine exams to find any hard-to-see conditions and curates an effective treatment program for the best future outcomes. It is our goal to preserve the dental health of our patients by identifying signs of dental caries, gum disease, or oral cancer. Read more about what is done at a routine dental exam and the issues your dentist watches out for.

3D x-rays could be done to identify hard-to-see problems

Generally administered at the beginning of an oral evaluation, digital x-rays create a more in-depth scan of your oral structures. Our Quincy, MA staff thoroughly evaluates the x-rays to detect deep decay, wisdom teeth eruption, or additional concerns with the gumline or surrounding structures. Usually, x-rays are done a minimum of once annually during your comprehensive oral exams at Wollaston Dental Group. Women who are expecting need to let someone on our dental team know before getting x-rays taken so that preventive precautions might be done.

Early onset decay detection is necessary to improve your oral wellness

Known as a commonly occurring oral issue, tooth decay might prompt the need for a root canal if not taken care of soon. At your oral exam at our Quincy, MA office, one of our trained dental professionals will carefully examine your teeth to locate any areas of decay. In a few cases, medical-grade technology could be utilized for more efficient tooth decay identification. When a cavity is identified, your dental professional could provide tooth fillings to defend your tooth from additional decay.

Receive a thorough dental pathology screening

Generally offered at your dental exam, an oral pathology screening lets your dental practitioner diagnose regions of abnormal tissue. In many cases, a dental evaluation is offered to get a look at your gumline, tongue, and palate. If required, extra tests may be conducted to examine the condition of those regions. A biopsy could be needed to test any irregularities and determine if cancerous tissues are there. When beneficial, our trained dental care staff will craft a treatment plan to help maintain dental health.

Maintain the health of your teeth and come in for a dental exam at your earliest convenience

To maintain the overall wellness and visual appeal of your enamel, dental exams should be routinely performed a minimum of one time a year. When an issue is addressed early on, it might reduce your need for intensive services later on. Our team at Wollaston Dental Group is thrilled to perform yearly dental exams for our patients of many age ranges. Reach out to our Quincy, MA practice to learn more or to set up your yearly dental evaluation with our credentialed dental professionals.

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