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What is a root canal?

When detected early, tooth decay can be treated with a simple dental filling or other restoration to remove the decay and reestablish health. But if the decay expands beyond the enamel and infects the inner pulp of the tooth, a root canal will likely be necessary. Root canal therapy is an endodontic treatment offered at Wollaston Dental Group that saves teeth by removing infected pulp, nerves, bacteria, and decay. The tooth is then disinfected and filled with a special strengthening material. Experienced general dentist Dr. James McDonough may recommend root canal therapy to treat an infected tooth and prevent the infection from further impacting your oral and general health.

If you believe you need root canal therapy, we understand that you may have reservations about the procedure. A root canal is a very common dental therapy, yet many people put off going to the dentist to address tooth pain out of dental anxiety. Dr. McDonough and our team will do their very best to make sure you are at ease and comfortable and can also provide nitrous oxide sedation to help create a stress-free experience. Call Wollaston Dental Group in Quincy, MA to arrange a consult with Dr. McDonough and learn more about how root canal therapy can save your tooth.

Who is a good candidate for root canal treatment?

An infection in the pulp of a tooth may be the result of a deep crack, large cavity, or physical trauma. Some of the most common signs that may indicate a tooth infection are tooth or jaw pain, temperature sensitivity, swelling or a bump on the gums around the tooth, and changes in the color of the tooth (darkening). If the infected pulp is not removed, the infection will likely spread, possibly resulting in increased pain, oral damage, and the need for a tooth extraction. An infected tooth may even threaten your general health and wellness if it is not treated within a suitable timeframe. Set up an appointment at Wollaston Dental Group at your earliest convenience if you feel or notice any changes in your mouth. If you have reservations or fears about going to the dentist, please ask us about sedation dentistry to help you remain calm and comfortable during your dental appointments. Dr. McDonough is very sympathetic about dental anxieties and will try to help you make the necessary decision on how to proceed.

how is a root canal procedure done?

A root canal is a very routine dental procedure for which local anesthesia is used. Nitrous oxide sedation may also be used during your visit if you prefer. During the root canal treatment, Dr. McDonough will assess the inner chamber of your tooth and thoroughly remove the infected pulp, decayed tooth structure, nerve, and bacteria. The pulp chamber and tooth roots will be carefully cleaned to eliminate any lingering debris. Once disinfected, the tooth will be filled with a special material for strength and sealed to allow for proper healing.


Following your root canal, your mouth may experience minor tenderness, which can be managed with nonprescription anti-inflammatory medication. We will set up a follow-up visit a few weeks after your root canal so Dr. McDonough can examine the area and determine if the infection is resolved. In most cases, a custom dental crown is placed over a root canal-treated tooth to fully restore function and protect the structure from further damage. 

is root canal treatment covered by dental insurance? 

Root canal therapy is often covered in part under dental insurance plans. To better understand your individual policy, a team member will talk with your insurance provider and help you maximize your insurance benefits. Wollaston Dental Group makes covering any out-of-pocket costs easy and convenient by offering several payment options. We are also happy to provide information on flexible payment plans through our finance partner, CareCredit®.

treat tooth infections to prevent extraction

Due to advancements in dental technology, root canals can be an effective, easy process for treating tooth infections. Having an infected tooth treated with a root canal from Dr. McDonough can help avert the need for tooth extraction and save your smile. For more on root canal therapy from a team that puts your comfort first, contact Wollaston Dental Group in Quincy, MA right away.

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